Dredging is an integral part of many marine construction projects.  Our ability in clamshell dredging, underwater drilling and removal of contaminated sediment is unsurpassed.  Vanpile's dredging capabilities and experience cover a wide range of projects from small marinas to large marine terminals.


Marine earthworks construction is a critical element of marine construction which requires the use of dredging equipment.  Our expertise includes the construction of breakwaters, shoreline protection including rip-rap slopes and environmental remediation.

All of our clamshell marine derricks are outfitted with state of the art GPS (Global Positioning System) technology, giving us the ability to accurately position our equipment in any location or environment and perform our tasks in a fast and efficient manner. With the ability to overlay a real time image of our equipment and work progress on a digital image of the construction site, along with any other points of interest, Vanpile can safely and effectively meet any requirement, whether it is contractual, environmental or safety.


Vanpile's Survey Department is equipped with a multibeam sonar system which gives us the ability to obtain bathymetric data at an accuracy previously reserved for large scale, large budget marine projects. With the ability to obtain 100% bottom coverage during every survey, our clients can take advantage of precise and accurate volume calculations for both dredging and rock placement projects, as well as the ability to accurately model the ocean floor or river bed for bottom interpretation in areas where clearance is critical for navigational and environmental purposes.